Publications 2012

Below you will find links to the publications from the year 2012 which describe research financed by the BLUEPRINT project.

    Mol Oncol
    December 2012

   J Medicinal Chem
   December 2012

  Molecular Cell
  December 2012

    Trials with ‘epigenetic’
   drugs: an update

    Discovery of salermide-
    related sirtuin inhibitors:
    binding mode studies...

  The dynamics of genome
  -wide DNA methylation
  reprogramming in mouse...
   November 2012

   Chem Med Chem
   November 2012

   Front Genet
   December 2012

   Identification of PR-
   SET7 and EZH2
   selective inhibitors...

   Carprofen analogues
   as Sirtuin Inhibitors:
   enzyme and cellular...
   miRNA-mediated deregulation
   in leukemia

   Brit J Haematol
   October 2012
   Genome Research
   November 2012

   Genome Research
   November 2012

   Genome-wide DNA
   methylation profiling
   predicts relapse in...

   A functional methylome
   map of ulcerative colitis
   Guthrie card methylomics
   identifies temporally stable
   epialleles that are present...


   Nature Genetics
   October 2012

   Nature Genetics
   October 2012

  Genome Biology
  October 2012

   Epigenetic polymorphism
   and the stochastic
   formation of differentially..

   Epigenomic analysis
   detects widespread
   gene-body DNA ...
   EpiExplorer: live exploration
   and global analysis of large
   epigenomic datasets

   Nat Rev Genetics
   October 2012

  Clin Cancer Res
  October 2012
    October 2012
   DNA methylation profiling
   in the clinic: applications
   and challenges
  Molecular pathways: the
  complexity of the
  epigenome in cancer...
    Human-specific CpG
    “beacons” identify loci
    associated with ...


   Proc Natl Acad Sci USA
   August 2012
   Genome Biology
   August 2012

    J Med Chem
    September 2012

   Amino acid starvation
   induces reactivation of
   silenced transgenes...

   Genome-wide distribution
   of 5-formylcytosine in
   embryonic stem cells...
   Benzodeazaoxaflavins as
   sirtuin inhibitors with anti-
   proliferative properties...


   Nat Cell Biol
   July 2012
   August 2012

   Mol Cancer
   August 2012
   The H19 lincRNA is a
   developmental reservoir of
   miR-675 that suppresses...
   Report on the Infinium
   450k Methylation Array
   Analysis Workshop...
   The emerging role of histone
   lysine demethylases in prostate




   Nat Rev Cancer
   July 2012

   July 2012
   Giga Science
   July 2012

    Managing drug resistance
    in cancer: lessons from
    HIV therapy

   Design, synthesis, and
   biological evaluation of
    Resources for methylome
    analysis suitable for gene
    knockout studies of....


   Nat Biotechnol
   March 2012

   May 2012
   June 2012

   BLUEPRINT to decode
   the epigenetic signature
   written in blood

   Quantitative sequencing of
   5-Methylcytosine and 5-
   Whole Genome bisulfite
   DNA sequencing of a
   DNMT3B mutant patient


   March 2012


   Med Chem Commun
   March 2012

   Nature Protoc
   March 2012
   Chromatin signatures of
   active enhancers
   Developing novel non-
   hydroxamate histone
   deacetylase inhibitors...

   Methylome analysis using
   MeDIP-seeq with low DNA



     Front Pharmacol
   January 2012

   J Mol Biol
   February 2012
     Sirtuins and disease: the
   road ahead

    An analog of BIX-01294
    selectively inhibits a family
    of histone H3 lysine 9 ../