EPIGENomics and Health Care Policy: Challenges and Opportunities

December 1-3, 2014
The Italian EPIGEN consortium invites key experts and stakeholders from various disciplines to the conference "EPIGENomics and Health Care Policy: Challenges and Opportunities" to assess the impact of cutting edge research in epigenomics for the future of biomedicine and healthcare.

This international conference is organized in partnership with the EU-funded consortia EPIGENESYS and BLUEPRINT as well as with the German DEEP consortium.

Over the last decade epigenomics have increasingly led to scientific breakthroughs and technological advances. Unsurprisingly, the investigation of the ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) of epigenomics has also started to advance, beginning to highlight commonalities and differences compared to the previous two decades of genome-centered focus. The conference will offer an opportunity to define future critical challenges and opportunities when translating epigenomics into healthcare delivery and policy, both at national and transnational levels.

Sessions will include:
- Framing The Issues: Epigen, The Global Context of Epigenomics and European Health Care
- High Throughput Epigenomics: Basic Insights and Medical Applications
- High Throughput Epigenomics: Industrial Perspectives
- Focus Groups on Disease Areas
- Ethical and Legal Implications Of Epigenomics in Health Care Delivery
- Social Epigenetics and Epidemiology

Registration deadline: October 24, 2014

The number of participants will be limited to 185.
Only online registrations will be accepted. To register please click here.

For further information and a list of confirmed speakers, please visit the meeting website.