IHEC data portal

The IHEC Data Portal was developed to integrate and distribute datasets produced by various IHEC (International Human Epigenome Consortium) member consortia. The portal was created by the team of dr. Guillaume Bourque at McGill University, through a project funded under the CIHR Canadian Epigenetics, Environment, and Health Research Consortium (CEEHRC). The Portal implements a database and a graphical interface that currently hosts 7022 epigenomic datasets. It provides an overview of all the whole genome experiments produced by IHEC members, categorized by providers, tissue types and assay types. It implements a dynamic grid that can be used to navigate through the datasets and provides links to either visualize data in a genome browser or download it.
A new feature expected for the IHEC Data Portal is a tool for tcorrelation analysis, to provide insights on the similarity of different assays and tissues. By facilitating data distribution and interpretation, the IHEC Data Portal helps accelerate the translation of epigenomic knowledge into health and disease applications.

An introductory tutorial video for the IHEC Data Portal is available via the IHEC You Tube channel. learn how to view the data in the grid, download from the portal or display them in a genome browser of your choice. 

IHEC Portal