Cell types

BLUEPRINT will focus on cell types and diseases of the Haematopoietic System as these are medically highly relevant, readily accessible and well characterized. Haematopoiesis is the process of proliferation and differentiation of the haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) that leads to the formation of the different populations of mature cellular elements in the peripheral blood. The transcriptional regulation of self-renewal and lineage commitment of the HSC is the most in-depth researched stem cell system. The epigenetic roadmap of haematopoietic differentiation from the pluripotent HSC through various multipotent precursor cells to mature stages is however still missing. BLUEPRINT will fill this gap by defining the reference epigeneomes of >50 primary cells from healthy individuals as well as >50 neoplastic counterparts of the healthy cells and 8 primary cells from patients suffering from the chronic autoimmune dieasese, type 1 diabetes (WP8).

Mature blood cells (common cell types) Monocytes CD14+ CD16-
from Adult Blood (AB) and Cord Blood (CB) Neutrophils CD45+ CD66b+ CD16+
  Naïve CD4 T cells CD3+ CD4+ CD45RA+
  Naïve CD8 T cells CD3+ CD8+ CD62L+ CD45RA+
  Naïve B cells CD19+ CD27- IgD+
Mature blood cells (rare cell types) Central memory CD4 T cells (AB only) CD3+ CD4+ CD45RA- CD62L+
  Effector memory CD4 T cells (AB only) CD3+ CD4+ CD45RA- CD62L-
  Central Memory CD8 T cells (AB only) CD3+ CD8+ CD62L+ CD45RA-
  Effector Memory CD8 T cells  (AB only) CD3+ CD8+ CD62L- CD45RA-
  Terminally differentiated effector memory CD8 T cells (AB only) CD3+ CD8+ CD62L- CD45RA+
  Regulatory CD4 T cells (AB+CB) CD3+ CD4+ CD25+ CD127low
  Memory B cells (AB+CB) CD19+ CD27+ IgD+ 
  Class Switch B cells (AB+CB) CD19+ CD27+ IgD- CD38dim
  NK Cells (AB+CB) CD3- CD56dim CD16+
Mature blood cells (extremely rare cell types) Monocytes CD14+ CD16+
(from AB and CB) Basophils CD45+ CD66b- CD123+
  Eosinophils CD45+ CD66b+ CD16-
Cord blood precursor cells Erythroid  
  Megakaryocyte-erythroid precursor   
  Immature erythroblast  
  Immature megakaryocytes  
CD14+CD16- monocytes derived cells  NFĸ-dominated cells  
(from AB and CB) PPAR dominated cells  
  Antigen-presenting cells (APCs)  
Cord cells derived cells Endothelial cells  
  Mesenchymal cells  
Normal B-cells Germinal center (ICGC)  
  Memory (ICGC)  
  Plasma cells  
Normal T-cells    
Intra-thymic T cell sub-populations Early immature (CD34+)   
  Immature single positive CD4+ (ISP)  
  Early cortical (CD4+ CD8+ CD3low)  
  Late cortical (CD4+ CD8+ CD3high)  
  Single positive CD4+  
  Single positive CD8+  
B-cell Neoplasms    
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) IgVH mutated subtype  
  IgVH normal subtype  
Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL)    
Burkitt lymphoma (BL)    
Follicular lymphoma (FL)    
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) ABC   
Multiple myeloma (MM)    
T-cell Neoplasms     
T-ALL Immature/ETP (Lyl-1 subset)   
  Early cortical (TLX1/3+)  
  Mature TCR+ (Tal-1 subset)  
Myeloid leukaemias    
Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (adult) t(8;21) AML   
  t(15;17) AML  
  Inv(16) AML  
  NPM1wt AML  
  Monosomal karyotype AML  
Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (childhood) AML   
MDS TET2 mutant MDS   
  EZH2 mutant MDS  
Autoimmune disease CD4   
  CD4 stimulated with CD3/28 antibodies  
  CD14 stimulated with LPS  
Mouse C57BL6J, C3H/HeJ, CAST/EiJ CD14+CD16- monocytes  
  CD4 (naïve) T cells  
Mouse C57BL6J, C3H/HeJ, CAST/EiJ CD14+CD16- monocytes