BLUEPRINT Data Training Session

10 July 2014
On July 10 2014, a BLUEPRINT Data Training Session will be organized by Genomatix at the EBI in Hinxton (UK).
This is the second one in a series of training sessions that will be organized in the future, Also this second training will be limited to BLUEPRINT members only.

This time we can accommodate up to 40 participants: seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Webinar Training session Data Access

There is a recording of the BLUEPRINT data access webinar of May 27, 2014. It demonstrates the various access options to the BLUEPRINT histone modification, expression, DNase hypersensitivity and methylation data. The EBI ftp server and trackhub, the BIOMART of the BSC, the visual interface from Genomatix. Furthermore it demonstrates how to upload and use BLUEPRINT data with the EpiExplorer software.