Eighth data release

19 August 2016

Monocytes and neutrophils are the most abundant white cells in peripheral blood and essential components of the innate immune system, which comprises the first line of defense against infection. Although both are derived from the myelomonocytic progenitor cell and have similar functions as phagocytes and cytokine producing cells, monocyte are immature cells that have additional functions in antigen presenting and the capacity to further differentiate into macrophages.

The eighth Blueprint data release is now available. Within Blueprint we have isolated cells from 181 bone marrow, 625 venous blood, 135 cord blood, 4 liver, 35 tonsil, 12 lymph node, 20 thymus and 7 cell lines. The epigenomic analysis performed includes RNA-seq, DNAme-seq, DNAseI-seq and 8 different ChIP-seq experiments. A total of 112 complete and 485 partial epigenomes have been released via EGA datasets, the FTP site and trackhubs.

Information about the reuse of data generated by the EC funded FP7 High Impact Project, Blueprint can be found via the following link.

Information about data access for non-BLUEPRINT members can be found via the following link.