Access to BLUEPRINT data

The BLUEPRINT consortium anticipates that others will use the data generated by the project. Access to sequencing reads and alignments is available by application to the BLUEPRINT Data Access Committee (Terms of Reference and the membership DAC). Past the end of the BLUEPRINT project the above also applies to previous members of the consortium. Access will be granted to investigators for appropriate use, subject to the criteria laid out in data access committee's general principles (DOC, PDF).

Data that is not subject to DAC control can be found through

* the project ftp site
* a data portal
* the Genomatix Browser

* the Blueprint DCC portal

Sequence reads and alignments for Blueprint datasets are held within the European Genome-phenome Archive. For further information regarding the EGA, please see their website, or contact

Reuse of any Blueprint data, including but not limited to that archived with the EGA is subject to the Blueprint data reuse policy (DOC, PDF).

Programmatically access is also possible using the DeepBlue Epigenomic Data Server.

Data available
Datasets available through the Blueprint DAC are listed on the EGA website.

How to apply
Access to the data will require the completion of each of these documents

* a Data Access Agreement (PDF). *** Updated Version now online from September 2018! Please note applicants as well as Institutional Authority still need to sign the application (see our guidelines for info)***
* an Application for Data Access form (DOC,PDF)


These should be completed and returned to Applications will only be accepted electronically.

Please refer to the guidelines (DOC, PDF) and terms of reference (DOC, PDF) for further information about the process. Any queries regarding applications should be sent to

There is also an internal webpage for BLUEPRINT members only, for application to the Internal Access Committee.

There is a recording of a BLUEPRINT data access webinar that demonstrates the various access options to the BLUEPRINT histone modification, expression, DNase hypersensitivity and methylation data. The EBI ftp server and trackhub, the BIOMART of the BSC, the visual interface from Genomatix. Furthermore it demonstrates how to upload and use BLUEPRINT data with the EpiExplorer software.