BluePrint as a large European Network Project


Big data and the first epigenetic atlas of blood cells 

The Epigenetic Basis of Blood Diseases 

BluePrint Annual meeting 2015

Blueprint introduction

Brad Bernstein
What can we learn from Genome-wide Epigenomic Analyses?
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Amsterdam, 3rd October 2011

Thomas Jenuwein

Utilizing Epigenomic Data for Understanding Human Disease
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Amsterdam, 3rd October 2011


Event clip IHEC-BLUEPRINT-DEEP meeting
Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus, Charité campus
Berlin, November 10-12, 2013

Videos of the scientific presentations of the IHEC-BLUEPRINT-DEEP meeting can be found on the IHEC website

  Webinar on how to access the BLUEPRINT data.  
  On May 27th 2014, Genomatix held a BLUEPRINT data access webinar to provide further information on how to use the
  different browsers to get access to the BLUEPRINT data. A recording of this webinar can be found via this link.

                                      On February 23rd 2016, Genomatix held another webinar on data access of which also a recording is available.

  The Big Question: Epigenetics: Is DNA Really Your Destiny?

  On October 8th 2014, Nessa Carey gave a public lecture on Epigenetics in a 'popular science' style at the Centre of the Cell, a
  science education centre based at the Whitechapel Campus of Queen Mary, University of London. Centre of the Cell is
  located within working biomedical research laboratories, aiming to have a positive impact on the educational, career and 
  health choices of the children and young people. The lecture of Nessa Carey was attended by 300 high school students. A film 
  is now available. Further information about this event can be found on the website of Centre of the Cell.