Access to fifth release of BLUEPRINT data

The data can be accessed via:

At EBI, the ftp site with the data can be found. You can either opt to link to the track hubs yourself (see tutorial). Or or you can use these links to add the current track hub to a genome browser - UCSC
or ENSEMBL. Also Meta Data files and README are available. Also data can be accessed via BLUEPRINT Data coordination (DCC) portal.

A visual interface was developed by Genomatix.

Blueprint Secondary Analysis results
Blueprint secondary analysis results are now available for the August 2014 release. The results are generated by processing primary analysis data of fifth release and can be accessed via EBI FTP site.

List of Analysis :
CoSI and other sample specific RNA-Seq analysis
Ensembl Regulatory Build with cell type specific activity
PCA analysis of ChIP-Seq data
RnBeads analysis of DNA methylation profiles
ChromHmm Segmentation of ChIP-Seq data
Cell-type specific DNase-hypersensitive sites and co-occurring transcription factors analysis

More details about each analysis process, participating groups and available data can be found in the Blueprint DCC portal.

If you have questions about the data release or the different systems to view the data, please send a message to:

Please note:
Information about the reuse of data generated by the EC funded FP7 High Impact Project, Blueprint can be found via the following link.
Information about data access for non-BLUEPRINT members can be found via the following link.